Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mick Boogie says 6th will be Paid & Popular

From a Q&A over at Paid & Popular...

P&P: In your opinion, who is the next artist to become "Paid and Popular"?

Mick Boogie: Kidz In The Hall, 6th Sense, Termanology, Chip The Ripper, Al Fatz, Skyzoo,and more.

1. Let us know who you are, where you rep and how you're at where you're at.

My name is Mick Boogie and I'm out of Cleveland. I've been DJ'ing for 10 years now. What got me to where I'm at is just good work ethic, talent and networking.

2. How's the DJ game treating you?

It's been really great. I dropped some great mixtapes which I'm really proud of such as my Kanye West tape I did with 9th Wonder & fellow League Crew member Terry Urban. I also am about to release Dillagence with Busta Rhymes with pays tribute to the late great J Dilla. I've also been traveling a lot rockin parties throughout the U.S., Canada & Europe, as well as holding down The League Crew radio show on Sirius.

3. Many people trying to get into the music business constantly talk about "politics". What does this phrase mean from your standpoint?

People talk about politics in music but it's really no different than in most aspects of business and life. Some people get treated fairly and some don't, no matter if you are a DJ, Artist, Promoter, A&R, etc...What I believe the best way to get though politics is most importantly stay true to yourself, be honest, do what you believe is right and lastly let talent will shine.

4. Is the mixtape scene TRULY dead?

Honestly, it's not the same. It's been oversaturated for a long time and it seems to get even more oversaturated as time goes on. Stores are paying less to DJ's & bootlegging is at an all time high. What I try to do is adapt with the change and take advantage of the technology. I have been putting out most of my tapes online for the past few months for free download as true promotion for the artists I have been working with. I also have been taking a different direction such as the Detention mixtape I did with Kidz In The Hall and we put it for sale on iTunes.

5. You have a Master's degree in business. How important is strong business acumen in music and what advice can you give to those who are lacking?

It's definetly very important. I believe success is a combination of good business & true talent. It's hard to succeed is you have talent but can't handle your business and vice versa. The advice I have is just absorb as much as you can on both general business and the music industry. In this time alot is out there to learn from such as numerous books, websites, videos, etc...

6. When you first started out, what were your goals back then as opposed to now?

When I started out I just wanted to grow and be successful. I had a love and passion for the music, I just wanted to be the best DJ I could be. I practiced all the time trying to get better and took the time in the classroom to learn as much as I could about Business. Now I just want to take DJ'ing as far as I can. My goals now are to do more touring, more shows all over the country and do more international shows all while releasing creative mixtapes and growing The League Crew.

7. In your opinion, who is the next artist to become "Paid and Popular"?

Kidz In The Hall, 6th Sense, Termanology, Chip The Ripper, Al Fatz, Skyzoo, and more.

8. What does Mick Boogie listen to that would surprise the fans?

I am a big fan of Rock. I listen to a lot of classic and contemporary rock such as Modest Mouse, Radiohead, RHCP & Led Zepplin.

9. 2007 is near its end, what'd you think of it and what's poppin' for '08?

It has definitely turned out to be a good year. I've done a lot and can't wait for 2008 where I hope to hit more cities and do more international dates. You can also expect more mixtapes with more of your favorite artists. The Sirius show with the League Crew is going great and look for my team do do big things in 2008. Also I'm working on moving to NYC sometime next year.

10. What is it that you bring to a project that makes people go "I can get down with this"?

The total package is what I think I bring. They know I have a strong presence in the mixtape world and I have a proven track record time and time again. I put together great tapes of all kinds, working with artists ranging from Kidz In The Hall to TI. I have a love & appreciation for a wide spectrum of hip hop and I think that is a great advantage. A big key is my creativity with intro's, creative MB style mixes and blends that are unique to my tapes. Also the whole package comes together nicely with great artwork which I have an active hand in.

11. Name one thing you would change about the music business.

That the music being put out would be more balanced and that people would be themselves. A lot of artists being put out sound the same and have the same story. Everyone seems to want to be like the next man and not be an individual. Back in the day, everyone wanted to be acknowledged for their own personality and would hate to be confused with someone else. You wouldn't confuse LL Cool J with KRS One or MC Shan for Flavor Flav, would you? People were different and still saw success.

12. Being the Cavs DJ must have it's perks. Any crazy tales you can share
(that won't get somebody in trouble!)?

Haha...its just a great experience. The people ive gotten to meet, the places ive gotten to go. I love hiphop and i love basketball...so combining them is fantastic.

13. What's going on with some upcoming collaborations?

The one I'm most excited about is Dillagence with Busta Rhymes where we honor J Dilla's great contribution to music. Busta and Dilla had a great working relationship and collaborated on a frequent basis. Busta & I linked up and are about to drop a classic mixtape of unheard gems that we are excited people will get the chance to hear. Also in the works is a mixtape with Young Chris of the Young Gunz which will definetly impress people.

14. Any shout outs, plugs? And what advice would you give to a young up-and-comer on how to be "Paid and Popular"?

Shouts to Paid and Popular, The League Crew, LRG, Sirius, my homie Christopher Truth, Lebron James & The Cleveland Cavs. The advice is what I mentioned before, practice, practice, practice on your craft and never stop practicing even after you start to progress in your field. Also take advantage of networking and don't burn bridges. The most important thing is just be true to yourself.

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