Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Miz Metro Live on FOX Fearless TV

Miz Metro is awesome. You might remember her rockin wit 6th down @ SXSW. Basically, the two came up with an awesome song nearly 2 years ago, and it STILL is the jam. The name of the song is "Love Is A Show." Miz performed it LIVE on FOX Fearless TV this last Saturday, and it was her 2nd week performance due to the fact she had the most votes after her 1st week performance! Rock on. Check out the performance below. 6th Sense was unable to attend the taping due to a prior commitment in Kokomo.

Miz Metro - Love is A Show (produced and co-written by 6th Sense)

Miz Metro - Love Is A Show feat. 6th Sense (prod. 6th Sense)

Miz got a show with her band The Makebelieves here in NYC on June 27th. Check out her site for more details.

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