Sunday, June 22, 2008

NTV: Like Father, Like Son

A dialogue between Jelani and Dapper Dan. You see, Dapper Dan is Jelani's pops. They sat down and talked about the old days of Harlem, when Dapper Dan first opened his famed shop on 125th street. Jelani gives insight on his journey from walking the streets with his father to the dawn of releasing his debut album, "Wait, You Can Rap?!?!"



teethdontgrind said...

"THAT'S DEEP SON"! Wow.. this is a gem fellas. Daps stories are like hip-hop history class. They have so much respect for each other too. Beautiful. Father and son. GOOD SHTUFF!

teethdontgrind said...
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Admin said...

that was a sick interview. esp. cause you don't see too much generational crossing on the internet