Monday, July 28, 2008

Hypebeast & 6th Sense

They featured "Just Do It" on Hypebeast.
They write:
Even the casual rap fan knows that Hip Hop and Nike go way back from b-boys and rope chains and Chuck D wearing Jordans in the “Fight the Power” video to De La Soul designing their own SB Dunks. Over the years clothing styles, fickle fans taste in MCs and beats have switched on what seems to be a monthly basis but, one constant seems to be the culture’s love for Nike sneakers. Mick Boogie brings his love of the Mercedes of kicks to the new millennium by teaming up with 6th Sense for a new Mixtape dedicated entirely to the topic of Nike sneakers. Just Do It: A Mixtape Ode to Nike was completed in just two days after an inspiring trip to the Nike’s headquarters in Portland.


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