Monday, September 29, 2008

6th Sense - Love Lockdown

In light of Kanye releasing the stems of his joint, 6th decided to go at it and make an original spinoff. It's really far out there, but it's very deep. Click the Read More link to peep the lyrics.
**UPDATE** After 2500+ downlaods, the link went down. New link provided.

Silk in the summer, leather in the winter
Tell me if you wood, even if we splinter
Fire to your tinder, log to your spark
I'll be in Flint Michigan jogging after dark
You say you're needing Moore, yes my name is Michael
Sicko when you turn the farenheit up on your cycle
Arm's stronger, we never toured the France
A leg up on my love's a lot so u can call me Lance
Matter fact let's dance, the bass ain't really needed
Our rhythms are in sync when I blink you will repeat it
Repeat it, u shower me your love on one condition
Your essence is the herbals from your body wash emissions
I am on your ride wit your mileage intact
Entitled to my opinions not entitled to your facts
You can say that this an art piece
To keep you warm wearing my designer heart fleece
I'm in the studio 9 times out of 8
I can't afford to not record, time I equate
Not to dollas I gotta follow up
Wit who stops to holla the vodka swallow
My pride if we choppin the alma mater
I'll be at south by southwest feeling like a champ
My basement is flooded, the ceiling isn't damp
Maybe if I raise the roof, the truth will be a stamp
Last month I talked about illusions wit my gramps
I'm tryin to push it farther then distortion from the amp
I lollygag on my love jones
Lately latency is on my microphone
An echo on my phone, but I don't ever hear it
If I am all alone, I wonder why I fear it
Overcoming any feelings I am hopelss
Love lockdown with my MicroKorg and brokeness

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