Thursday, October 23, 2008

illRoots x Dub Floyd x Black Milk Week (Day 3): Notherground

6th Sense - "Purple Woah" (prod. Black Milk)
Jelani - "Best Out" (prod. Black Milk)

Moving right along on our Day 3 we bring you two exclusive tracks from Notherground's own 6th Sense and Jelani, if you aren’t at our show than you're losing in the game of life. ~ Hallway Jay

The instrumentals come from this amazing instrumental project.

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BoogieTrack said...

Yo, where was y'all at CMJ this year? I've been following you and especially ya man Wildabeast! That dude is the shit! But no CMJ? What the f$@&!!!! Y'all is crazy not to do a showcase, the hip hop was mad weak, y'all coulda got signed for sure! You release all this hot shit and no one can see it live? How y'all expect to make any real cash my dude? Step ya game up! Wildabeast and Jelani do ya own shit!