Wednesday, December 31, 2008

KNOWxONE's Business - 2008: A Year In Reflection

One of our favorite sites. They put together a year in reflection with writings and contributions from a few folks.

Here's what 6th chimed in on for the year 2008:

2008 was certainly a crazy year. It’s hard to think of anything before Obama. Barack Obama. He ignited the people, I think that’s obvious. So many people voted for the first time ever in their lives, it was a beautiful thing. NYC was crazy that night, downtown was buzzing.

I remember years ago there were a lot of rappers that were mocked as being “Internet Rappers.” In 2008, you’re not a rapper unless you’re on the internet. Our Hot97s & The Source’s became our Nahrights and our Illroots. I mean, here I am taumbot 2008 for my homey Ges and his wonderful website KNOWxONE’s Business. The internet took him from working at a local boutique in Hawaii to being an international e-magazine you could say.

I think in 2009 Auto-Tune will be like an actual, physical toy. They’ll call it the SingBox or something like that, and for $75 you’ll see kids getting these as presents like we got My Fisher Price units back in the day. Auto-Tune went crazy this year. I don’t want to comment on it. I, by the grace of God, never used it. Don’t people realize there’s SO MANY different vocal processes you can do even in the pitch correction realm? Maybe I need to trademark a new one.

Glow In The Dark Tour was awesome. So was the soccer mom throwing up the Roc in front of me.

I got to work with so many great people in 2008. I gotta give a huge shout to EVERYONE that supported me, my Notherground fam, Mick Boogie. I think it’s safe to say I’ve laid the foundation for the fact my beats are not a joke. 2009 you will see me blossom even more as a producer. I love you all. And remember, I’m not trying to be somebody, I’m trying to do something.

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