Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aural Wes: Harlem Takes On Obamarama

Kind of a funny article, that was written before the Wesleyan show.

Notherground Music boasts the musical collaboration of 6th sense, Wildabeast, and Jelani who aspire to make music that is not underground and is not mainstream, so I suppose that just leaves rudimentary. Nonetheless, this collective hip hop, soul, and experimental troop of classically trained musicians turned New York hip hop swagger kids, lays down some sick beats.

6th Sense claims to produce ‘some hipster shit’ with his hipster drum set, despite his Harlem vibe that combines powerful democratic messages with catchy beats that keep people following along. Ignite the People like Obama embodies 6th sense’s proactive approach to activism, art, and hip hop that fits the current events of the return of the liberals. YES WE CAN listen to this over and over again, it’s that good.

The rawkus tracks of  Wildabeast, the self-proclaimed hood hippie, contain electronic riffs similar to Ratatat, but with that ever so lovable passionate hip hop soul that sparks passion and imagination. Order your dreadlock rolling kit and dip yo hip along with Wildabeast who gives a new meaning to the mash-up sound of electronic versus hip hop.

Jelani the MC picked up his mic when haters mocked, “Wait, YOU can rap?” Similar to the soulful raps of Common and the classically trained attention to detail of Andre 3000, Jelani brings hip hop back to the smoother, calming roots through intricate raps with a velvety flow.


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