Monday, January 26, 2009

Def Thought Exclusive Interview: 6th Sense

I got the chance to catch up with 6th Sense, the rapper/producer whose career is blowing up like nitro right now thanks to his dope production and unique style. Check it...

DT: So for those readers on the site who aren't fully acquainted with you and your work, could you give us a quick introduction?

What up it's 6th Sense, repping Notherground Music. I'm a musician, I MC, I produce. I do a lot. I make splendid music, trust me.

DT: How did you come up with the name 6th Sense?

I came up with the name before the Bruce Willis movie came out. Music is my 6th Sense. I've really grown into the name, I don't think it's based in falsehood.

DT: Did you start producing or rapping first and who were some of your major influences?

I guess I'd say I started rapping first. I loved Biggie. When Eminem came on the scene it was real big for me. At this point I'd say my biggest inspirations are Kanye West, J Dilla, and Stevie Wonder. In a lot of regard you can consider all 3 of them MC/Producers. Everyone influences me though, but those are my three biggest inspirations.

DT: I heard that flip of the Entourage theme on your myspace, shits dope man, are you a big Entourage fan?

Yeah, I've seen every episode. I like how they closed this season out.

DT: Do you have a problem with bloggers offering the original samplesfor hip hop albums online? I know some producers are against it because some of the samples they use aren't cleared.

Eh, no comment. Super catch 22. Thankfully, I don't really rely on sampling when I produce. I'd say about 85% of my productions is sample free.

DT: If you could make a track for any artist you wanted who would it be?

Wow. Really tough to say. I will say though that in 2009 I will be producing for some big artists that will be a dream come true. I will say though, that there's one artist that compared to other big artists, I feel no matter what we'd make something spectacular. With some of the other big artists, there might be some pressure in the air, but I feel like without a doubt me and Andre 3000 would knock something out the park.

DT: What was your favorite album of '08?

I had a few. Q-Tip's "The Renassaince", I really liked Nas' album. Freebass 808's shit was dope, I don't know if people really heard that yet. Jelani's "Wait, You Can Rap?!?!" Wildahead Portibeast. Raphael Saddiq's album was real good.

DT: Final question, got any projects in '09 that we should look out for? Any closing words?

Shouts to everyone. Thanks to all for the support. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Check out for the daily goodness. The 6th Sense & Wildabeast are... Both Nice album is dropping finally top of the year. Look for me to be contributing a bulk of production to both Outasight and The Kid Daytona's respective albums. I got a lot more coming. A whole lot more.

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