Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban Present - 2009: The Grammy Remix Project

Ever wonder how Kanye would sound rapping on Kenna's song? What if The Jonas Brothers sang over some hiphop breakbeats? What if Thom Yorke sang on Lupe's "Superstar?" What if Sara Bareilles bought a sampler and not a piano? The list goes on... but the answers can be found here.

6th does the intro. This is a must download. Peep the references in 6th's lyrics:

I ain't Chasing Pavements or beggin you for Mercy
I'm a Superstar, ain't you heard me?
No need to Apologize, I'm Yours
I Kissed A Girl and I liked it, I'm sure
All Summer Long when the wind blows
I'm a Mac the way I Bust Your Windows
You said "Please Read The Letter Man"
I'm an American Boy and this the Year Of The Gentleman
But I ain't gonna write you a Love Song
An American Gangster wouldn't do that
Even if there was No Air, and you Bleeding Love
I woudn't even care, I'm The Cool cat
I took a Paper Plane to Disturbia
Left no Paper Trail
"So What" you Say, I'm chillin on Violet Hill
Come Closer, I'll take you there
Every Superwoman needs an amazing man
We'll have kids like we're Raising Sand
Change clothes, we can Viva La Hov
Lickin Lollipops In Rainbows


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