Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Potholes In My Blog: It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! (Review)

6th Sense is an entertainer. The Rap Up ranked him as the #34 top hip-hop artists to follow on Twitter. 6th Sense is also an entertainer when it comes to his actual music. It’s A 6th Sense Beat Yo!!, the instrumental mixtape, kicks off 2009 with some terrific beats.

As a member of Wildabeast, and an associate of Notherground Music, 6th has been producing for heads in the hip-hop world for a while now, however, It’s A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! is not a compilation of his all-time beats, but rather just many of his beats from the past year and then some. Stylistically, this 33-track effort resembles a mixtape with its short tracks, and varied styles that seem disjointed at time, when 6th jumps from smooth, wholesome trumpets to toy-like synths from track to track.

However, there is an odd sense of connectivity here that is usually not present in mixtapes. 6th laces his beats with popping snares and throbbing bass drums. 6th Sense asks for credit when people use his work or discuss it; so here it is: 6th Sense’s It’s A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! is guaranteed to have you bobbing your head, tapping your foot, or whatever it is you do when confronted with real hip-hop.


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