Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ReviewSTACKS: Interview With 6th Sense

I had the opportunity to interview rapper/producer 6th Sense and shoot him a few questions about his latest release, a beat tape, It’s A 6th Sense Beat Tape Yo!!. Check the links out after the jump.

ReviewSTACKS - What made you decide to create a project like this - using songs released in the past year?
6th Sense - I wanted to bring awareness to the fact I’m a producer as well as an artist. I got a lot in the works coming out as a producer, so I figured this would be a good way for people to hear the foundation I’ve laid as a producer.
RS - How would you define your production style?
6th - Human. Refreshingly human. Progressively classic.
RS - What’s your favorite track on the tape?
6th - Cliché, but, all of them.
RS - Out of all the people you worked with on the tape, who did you vibe with best?
6th - That’s easy, Wildabeast.
RS - Why release a beat tape instead of rapping over it and putting out a mixtape?
6th - All these beats are instrumentals that were songs on mixtapes and leaks and albums. I have almost 40 songs in the stash, I just didn’t feel like dropping a mixtape. There’ll be no shortage of music I produce and compose in the future.
RS - What do you have in the pipeline? New album, mixtape, etc?
6th - There’s the 6th Sense & Wildabeast are… Both Nice album. I’m producing a handful on Outasight’s “From Here To Eternity.” Producing half of The Kid Daytona’s “Come Fly With Me.” I got a bunch of stuff coming with Mick Boogie. I got a whole bunch of stuff that’s coming that would take me too long to make sure I listed everything and everyone. Shouts to everyone with whom I’m bout to get it in with in the lab.
RS - How do you see hip-hop changing and where do you think it’s going?
6th - I have no clue. People need to be creative though, not just different, but creative.
RS - Off topic, BUT - CB and Rihanna becoming the next Bobby/Whitney - gonna pan out or not?
6th - Ok, see, THAT I reaaaly have no clue about. I do hope though that whatever problems they’re having that they can work it out and get the help they need.


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