Monday, February 23, 2009

Vinyl Meltdown: It's A 6th Sense Interview Yo!! Pt. 3

So I’m finally getting the third installment of my interview with 6th Sense out there. Lot’s of good stuff, esepecially on the “what to look out for from 6th” front. It seems like ‘09 is going to be a big year for 6th and the whole Notherground Music family. Check it out:
Judge Mental: So what projects are you working on? What projects should we be looking out for from 6th Sense in the future?J
6th Sense: Well you can expect me to pop up randomly all the time like I normally do. I can’t always predict when those things happen. I’m working with an artist out of New York who’s name is Outasight, and he’s real dope. He rhymes and he sings too. He’s got an album coming out this summer called From Here to Eternity and his video is kind of blowing up right now on mtvU and MTV, and his album is really cool. And I produced like a third of it. It’s kind of crazy, it’s real dope. I put my foot in a lot of these tracks, and he did a great job with them. He and I were usually working side by side on the whole thing.
I’m also working with The Kid Daytona. He’s from New York too, and he’s about to have a video drop soon. I’m also doing almost half of his album, and we’re talking about doing a side-project EP together. There’s always me and Wildabeast got the Both Nice album, which is the most experimental but the most straight hip hop at the same time album. We wanna drop that, but we don’t wanna JUST drop it. So we’ve got stuff in the works for that. You can expect a lot of Wildabeast solo joints to pop up on the internet over the course of time.
I’m on Jet Audio’s album. I’m working on Milkman’s project with all Michael Jackson Off the Wall samples. Supposed to be doing something with a cat from the Midwest called Ill Poetic. I don’t wanna forget anybody right now. I’m gonna be working with a whole lot of people. My idea is that I really wanna make an album that’s musically like Voodoo, Aquemini, and Like Water for Chocolate, but the whole vibe of the album is like Soul Survivor meets The Chronic. So it’s like really guest heavy. Actually, more than anything it’s gonna be like Quincy Jones’ Back on the Block album. If you hear another 6th Sense album this year, that’s what it’s going to be.
Of course expect some more mixtape projects with me and Mick Boogie. I’m working on stuff with Mekka Don, we got some stuff coming out. I’m working with Jelani. He’s doing some new music this year. And I’m sure there’s more, but I just can’t think of it right now.
Judge Mental: Well, it sounds like you’re really busy, you got a ton of stuff in the works, so I’m sure you’ll be all over this year same as last year.
6th Sense:
[starts laughing maniacally] yes, yes, yes.
Judge Mental: I know a lot of people are wondering, how do you do it? How do you keep up with all the projects you’re working on, and consistently come out with good music? How can you be so prolific?
6th Sense:
I have no idea. I give it up to God and to my family.
Judge Mental: So aside from your own music, you’re really focused on the whole Notherground Music family. For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little bit about what Nothergorund Music is, and what’s in the works on that front?
6th Sense:
Notherground Music is about to blow up. Just let them know that.
[Nah, but anybody that you see involved with Notherground Music is a part of Notherground music. Me, Wildabeast, Jelani, everybody. It's gonna blow up this year. Notherground music is going to wind up being bigger than it is now. There's gonna be something for everybody. It's Notherground. If it ain't underground, it's Notherground.]
Judge Mental: Well, we talked about how you’re both a producer and an MC. But with the Notherground music you’re also an entrepreneur. Which of those would you say is your strongest asset, and how does the versatility of being able to go from to producer to rapper to business man mode effect your career?
6th Sense:
It’s just good to be well rounded. I’d say that every hand facilitates the other hand. And I think that overall everything takes off in its own way because I’m so well rounded. It’s just kind of important. I see a lot of people let stuff way smaller get to their head. And you can ask anybody I know and they’ll say I’m not trying to be somebody, I’m trying to do something. It’s cool that it maybe works this way or that way. But until I’m doing what I want to do for myself and for others I’m just going to be working towards that.
Judge Mental: If you got anything else you wanna put out there, any shoutouts now’s the time.
6th Sense:
Just make sure you got that It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo!, make sure you check out everything on Notherground Music. Look for everything coming out in the future. Look for more 6th Sense production. Look for more 6th Sense guest appearances. Look for the Both Nice album. Look for Wildabeast. Look out for Jelani. Look out for everybody. Just stay true to yourself, keep your heart open. And just try to be yourself and do something.
Judge Mental: Well thank you.
6th Sense:
Well thank you too, I like the site man. Y’all could be a magazine.

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