Thursday, April 9, 2009

NothergroundTV: March '09 Pt. 2 / April '09 Pt. 1 Recap

Lily Thai shows her love for 6th Sense beats. Mick Boogie in the studio. Mimi & The Kid Daytona making a hit. Outasight smashing SOB's opening for Ryan Leslie. Making the Coalmine SXSW mixtape w/ Donny Goines & Matt Diamond. Hitting Austin Texas. Watching Mike Maven create his "Amazing." Freestyling live w/ Mike Maven & The Goodlife w/ Homeboy Sandman, P. Casso, Mazzi, & Fresh Daily. Out on the golf course. In the lab wit 6th Sense & Wildabeast as they create Both Nice tracks. Out in Cali making classic records with Grammy Award winning engineer Warren Riker. Bacardi. Red velvet "cake." Tube/tape/echo/DUSTing vocals. Yondo. BeYondo.


Trix said...

Yo 6 how longs it been since you had a girl hop on you like dat, never since Ive known you son. You is no buns for real at ya Mommas crib!


Trix said...

ait no one look at yalls wack ass music site