Monday, May 4, 2009

NTV: April '09 Pt. 2 Recap

NothergroundTV: April '09 Pt. 2 Recap from 6th Sense on Vimeo.

The homie 6th Sense just posted the new episode of NothergroundTV. A lot went down in April... Valuable life-lesson to be learned: how many white rappers it takes to jump-start a car.

Here's the full synopsis from the star of the film, Mr. 6th Sense:

Drunk on the streets with Daniel Merriweather. White rappers jump starting cars. Recording verse for collabo w/ 8thW1 for Emilio Sparks project. Dunkin is "Dead & Gone." Outasight and 6th Sense making "In My Sleep." The Kid Daytona gets "Air Born."

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