Wednesday, June 3, 2009

U Can't Touch This! Hammertime: Past, Present & Future

MC Hammer is the type of dude who needs no introduction, so let's get to it:

It's been a long time since "U Can't Touch This" took over airwaves in 1990 fueling epic bar mitzvah dance offs and a very short lived fad of parachute pants, but the Hammer is making an appearance in the spotlight once again. Just weeks before A&E debuts his reality series, MC Hammer got together with mixtape legend and Notherground homie Mick Boogie for Hammertime: Past, Present & Future. Hammer re-spits some of his classic cuts and plays host on a tape that boasts the original songs he sampled (e.g. Rick James' "Superfreak") and remixes courtesy of nVme and Good Life Mike. 6th Sense jumps in for a guest spot, as does Mistah FAB and a few other fresh faces. Hit the jump for the full art and track list.

Download: Mick Boogie x MC Hammer - Hammertime: Past, Present & Future

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