Monday, October 26, 2009

It's A 6th Sense Mixtape Yo!! Volume 1 (Artwork + Tracklisting)

DROPS 10/27
After supplying a ton of music for free for the last couple of years, here's a mixtape of mostly unheard material. To show your support it's only $5.

Volume 1 contains songs that mainly feature 6th Sense on the mic as well as behind the boards. The overall feel is a more stripped down sound, with a focus on dense, multi-layered lyrics, with hardly any hooks or choruses.

More volumes are on the way and coming soon with different formats (more for free too). There's a whole lot more music that hasn't been heard yet.

1. Thoughts
2. Sunrise
3. Yeah
4. Let It Breathe
5. Wherever You Are, There You Go
6. As Far As I Can Take It
7. Tastemaker Cosign
8. Take 6
9. It Is What It Is
10. Presently
11. In The Garden
12. Take 6 (Instrumental)

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