Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Signs Point to Yes: Outasight's Further is a Hit

Early Press for Outasight's New Album

Outasight's new project Further was only released yesterday, but it's already made it's way all across the web, with every major blog from OkayPlayer to NahRight to 2DopeBoyz asking its readers if they're ready to go Further -- the response has been a resounding "yes."

Here's a sample of what cats are saying about the new album (which you can download below!):

"This project is by far one of the top tier mixtapes of 2009 and if you overlook this you’re severely selling yourself short."  - IllRoots

"Something like a masterpiece." - TC, The Smoking Section

"Musical breath of fresh air" - Dub Floyd, 

"Everything on this project feels soulful and sounds lush, from the beats to the rhymes to the singing. It’s no wonder that Outasight and the whole Notherground crew are making such big moves lately. Well deserved for sure."  - The Judge, VinylMeltdown  

"If you’re a fan of music (not just hip hop/rap), than this will definitely be an experience for you. "
- Meka, 2DopeBoyz

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