Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mick Boogie Presents: The ChangeMakers Mixtape

Another star-studded mixtape from Mick Boogie... Here's what FreshnessMag had to say about it:

It’s no secret that “hip-hop” is now a nebulous term, as subgenres like Hyphy, Crunk, Grime, Jerk, and Club all have a specific sound while still falling under the banner of rap or hip-hop. Even “indie” or “underground” designations assigned to certain artists and tracks seem to be uniform and generic. But artists like Pooh of Little Brother, Curtains, Skyzoo, Christian Rich, and U-N-I, all of whom are featured on the “Changemakers” tape, are examples of artists who don’t fit neatly into any one of those boxes.
Check for the Kickdrums and 6th Sense tracks, too. Great spring time jams.

(Click image to enlarge tracklist)

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