Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RocksPaperScissors - Remix Album

Rising talents Emay, Remot and EOM just dropped a new mixtape featuring remixes of some of your favorite tracks. 6th Sense and others guest star. Dig. Here's a note from Emay:

Hey, so me, EOM, and Remot just dropped this remix project that we’ve been planning to release for some time now in order to introduce the fact that we’ll be collaborating as a group in the future. The project also consists of an exclusive verse from Wax and additional vocals from 6th Sense. We’ve remixed artists like Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Tanya Morgan, Ghostface, and Wale. This is kind of a teaser of what we’ll be doing together in the future. We’re really hoping to create music with other artists laying vocals and instrumentation over our production for future projects.


Download the whole thing here.

01 – Reckon A Superstar (feat. Lupe Fiasco, 6th Sense) [Remot Remix]
02 – Funky Hit Records (feat. Lyrics Born) [EOM Remix]
03 – Hola Hovito (Break Me) (feat. Jay-Z) [Emay Remix]
04 – You Can’t Hide (feat. Donny Goines & Focus) [Remot Remix]
05 – The Blank [Dangerous MCs] (feat. Method Man, Redman and Wax) [EOM Remix]
06 – The Mayor (feat. Ghostface, Scarface and The Cool Kids) [Emay Remix]
07 – Never Seen A Thing (feat. The Red Giants, Tanya Morgan, Che Grand and Spec Boogie) [EOM Remix]
08 – It’s Theo3 (feat. Theology 3) [Emay Remix]
09 – Change (feat. Daniel Merriweather and Wale) [Remot Remix]

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