Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Hip Hop Chronicle Interviews 6th Sense

This took place at Downtown Studios in NY. We'll let Sumit at HHC explain:

First let me say that airing this interview has been LONG overdue and for that I do apologise.
This is one interview I did enjoy. 6th Sense is one dope fucking producer who I respect. Im constantly amazed at how he can flip a sample and the sounds he uses. His beats always make me get “the Jay-Z screwface”. And it was an honour and a pleasure to sit down with him in the studio.
In the clip below I ask 6th to break down his approach to his production. His response is insightful and it makes me aware of his process. So now anytime I hear a beat he’s produced from ”On The Hill” to “Air Born” to any new joint, I’ll know how he got to that point.
And to end the clip, I ask him to recount the first time he met The Kid Daytona.

Part 2:

In the clip below I play a word-association game.
6th Sense was allowed one word to describe rappers like Emilio Rojas, Donny Goines, Outasight and The Kid Daytona.
I then take the game to describe producers like Pete Rock, Nottz, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, RZA, Exile and J Dilla.

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