Saturday, December 8, 2007

Frequency Interview @ Hoodgrown Magazine

Sometimes it only takes one. The rest is up to you to continue. In the case of the very talented up and coming producer Frequency, that one was a highly publicized single for one of the most recognizable hip hop artists ever, Snoop Dogg. His production is now lacing some of the most notable artist in the game from Red Cafe to Ghostface, and Raekwon to Camron, Frequency is definitely on a continuous path to success. Drums please!!!! (Cont.)What’s good Frequency, for those who haven’t heard the name, let themknow about your discography

Snoop Dogg – “Think About It” on The Blue Carpet Treatment
Ghostface Killah – “White Linen Affair” on The Big Doe Rehab
Cam’ron – “Yall Can’t Live His Life” on the Duke Da God compliation
Juganot feat. Joell Ortiz & Uncle Murder – “En Why Cee”
DJ Envy & Red CafĂ© – “Invincible” on The Co-op
Raekwon, Gravy & Tikki Diamonds - “Plenty of Love”

I also did 3 joints on Wordsworth’s album “Mirror Music” and a bunch of underground joints including my man 6th Sense’s album “Highing Fly” and half of his new album “It’s Coming Soon” on Rawkus…

Plus soon to be released songs from Lil Kim , Ras Kass, Lil Mama & Masta Ace’s new group EMC with Words, Punch & Strick. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff… I think that’s it…

What made you want to be a producer?

I was always into music and I started DJing in highschool. Once I started collecting records and figured out what sampling was all about, I was hooked.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Willie Hutch, Jay Dee, Pete Rock, Timbaland, Premier

You produced a hot record for Snoop called ‘Think about it’ off the Blue Carpet treatment, which was highly publicized in various mags discussing that release, how did it feel to get that recognition and work with a legend?

It was such a great experience to work with someone of his caliber, especially being so young and new to the game. He gave me a chance to really prove myself to the industry and I have to thank him for that. It’s opened up a lot of doors and introduced me to a lot of new people.

Because of that placement, SCRATCH Magazine (RIP) recognized your achievement and featured you in the mag, what was your reaction to that acknowledgment and how has that helped get you noticed?

RIP!! Well it definitely put the “official” stamp on me as a producer. The magazine was a great vehicle to bring recognition to a lot of unknown guys that have been doing some big records. My name got mentioned in 3 of like their last 5 issues…I was hoping to get a cover one day!

What are some of the projects your currently working on?

I got several projects in the works. Just finished a song with Ghostface (”White Linen Affair”) for his new album coming out in December. Just did a joint with Lil Kim that should be out in the spring. Snoop’s recorded to a bunch of my joints and I’m hoping that 1 or 2 them make the next Snoop album which should be coming in the spring as well.

The 6th Sense Rawkus album should be available on iTunes this month and I also got a couple of joints I’m working on with Juganot…

I’ve also been working with some big name producers and their team of songwriters, focusing on doing R&B and pop records. I’ve gotten some really good feedback from managers and A&Rs on those records…I’ll let you know what happens…

In your experience, how can a new producer get their product in the hands of those who need it most, such as established artists, managers, label execs and licensing opportunities?

You just need to be persistent. If you have good music that is of the caliber to be on a major label album, you will make it there. The music speaks for itself. Its just a matter of time before you get it into the right hands.

As a producer a lot of times working with new artists helps project and portray their sound, who on the underground level are you working with that you really believe does your sound the most justice?

I’ve been working with 6th Sense for a number of years. It’s a good chemistry because we actually get to work together in the studio. Obviously Juganot too. I did a hot joint with A Pinks that got like 90,000 myspace spins…

What’s the difference between and beatmaker and a producer?

A producer who is someone who can make a beat into a song.

How can serious inquiries be made about your production?

Hit my manager - Josh Kamen at

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