Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We know that in essence it really isn't a huge deal, but we are still happy and extremely thankful to all of you that have checked our page out, especially those that check it daily. As of recent we've had more activity than usual so we approached the 20k mark quickly. Keep checking the blog, as we'll always be updating, and stay tuned for new stuff from the whole Notherground family.

Thank you.


iyando said...

20k Notherground Hits Breakdown

15k- 6th Sense
1k- wildabeast
1k- Jelani
1k- Dan Eddy
1k- Basil
500- adam and Jason Hall (250ea)
250 Joe, (old camarades bartender)
250- Melissa, Tita, Serenity

PKawesch said...

And over 19000 YouTube hits on Ignite the People!