Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SofaKing Dilligent>> Unrelated Dialogue: 6th Sense

6th does an amazing interview with SofaKing Dilligent. His favorite interview ever. Check it out.
As our first interviewee, I feel greatly privileged to interview a very special New Yorker. 6th Sense. But on our minds today was no MPCs nor Microkorgs. I went deep down, dirty and personal with one of the greatest underground producers in the newly formed country of Obamanation. He promised to try not to ‘wtf’ on all the questions in this highly unconventional interview that is SKDs Unrelated Dialogue.

SFKD: 6th sense walks into a Starbucks, what does he buy?
6: Either a black coffee, an iced coffee with a little milk and no sugar, or since we’re getting into the holiday season again, the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. When my homey Mike Maven used to work there he used to hook me up and that marble cake they have is great.
SFKD: What was the last pre-1990 album you bumped?
6: Stevie Wonder - Music of My Mind (1972)
SFKD: 6th sense learns that the world is ending in 20 minutes, what does he do?
6: I’ll smile. I’ll theen hug anyone close to me that I can possibly hug. I’ll try and record some form of vocals to some form of medium, even if I just leave myself a voicemail. At that point if I’m not over-anxious and shaking in my boots, I will try to muster the ability to sit cross legged comfortably and meditate.
SFKD: People might be surprised to find out that one of 6th Senses favorite albums is…?
6: Man there’s quite a few. And I feel nowadays there’s hardly any surprises. Let’s just say for this interview, Justin Timerlake’s “FutureSex/LoveSounds”, John Mayer’s “Contiuum”, and Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors”.
SFKD: 6th Sense once got detention in school for…?
6: There was a kid back in elementary school. He had a lot of issues, and kids used to pick on him. One day I snapped because I used to get picked on for being smart and Jewish, so I stuck up for him and starting going crazy along with revving him up to get him to stand up for himself. He went crazy and started drooling on everyone that I knocked out.
SFKD: Where did you get the shoes you’re wearing at the moment?
6: I got these Nike Air Heist 6.0 out in Portland at the Nike Employee Store in Portland, OR where there headquarters. They flew me and Mick Boogie out there to DJ and brought us to the store. I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest shoe head, but this employee store is a wet dream for sneaker heads… everything 50% off.
SFKD: What inspires you the least?
6: Student loans.
SFKD: Favorite word?
6: -Poppiyondo
adj/adv org: Spanish “The act of getting it poppin” ~ Wildabeast

SFKD: What was the last muscle you worked out?
6: I’m working out my fingertips right now doing this interview. I do thousands of reps every day. My fingertips are brolic.
SFKD: Are you a Mac or a PC?
6: Mac
SFKD: If you could have any two superpowers, what would you have?
6: Aight, the first one I gotta credit Wildabeast again. It’s called the “it’s me” superpower. It basically enables you to do whatever you want. You can touch a girl on her ass, she’ll turn around pissed off, and then you go “yo! it’s me!” And then she goes “oh! hey!” Get pulled over for speeding? Tell the officer, “hey, it’s me!” Wanna sign a deal to Columbia? Tell Rick Rubin “hey Rick, it’s me!”
Truthfully, if I had that superpower, I wouldn’t want another one. Now, I don’t know if this is a superpower, but I’m white and would love to be able to dunk. And on some realness, I have a 6th sense, so I have that superpower on the low.

[SKD recognizes the 'It's me' power as a superpower]

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