Thursday, May 14, 2009

6th Sense & 2DopeBoyz Presents: It's A 6th Sense Sample Mix Yo!! (The Archives) {Mixed by DJ Incrediboi}


Swiped from 2DopeBoyz:
First off, props to Meka on this. Always been a fan of the Soul Mix Shows and most recently the Soul Mix Massacre. It’s a pleasure and honor to joint you on this ride. Super shouts to DJ Incrediboi, holding down the Bronx and doing a great mix.

On to the music… what you may or may not know is that I rarely sample. I don’t always feel the need to. Not knocking ANY producers out there that sample because there’s a handful that I respect so highly, many of them my peers and legends I look up to.

With that said I went back in the archives and pulled out tracks with samples of them, and we put this all together. The catch is, we didn’t divulge the original source. That’s where you come in. Whoever can name the most originals correctly wins. If you’re an MC, I’ll hit you with a beat. If you’re a producer, I’ll hit you with some sounds. You gotta name at LEAST 7 correct. Email your answers (Mek Dot Note: Only one entry per person, please. Multiple entries will automatically void your entry & relegate any and every email you send me to my spam folder. So make sure you’re comfortable with your entry off the gate.) to The winner will be announced next Friday (May 15), so get your entries in ASAP!

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